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CEO Greeting

Manufacturing production line for high accuracy semiconductor, LCD and OLED

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the customers for visiting ADM Homepage.

ADM has shown consistent growth ever since its founding in 2004. It has been recognized as one of the top small businesses in Chungcheong nam do (Chungnam Providence), and has been selected as an up and coming small business of Chungnam Providence due to its solid foundation and technical prowess. AMD possesses ability to design and manufacture various micro equipment, including microprocessors, LCD manufacturing and inspection equipment, Full automation equipment, OLED manufacturing equipment, etc., and can satisfy the needs of clients.

We, at AMD, will continue to focus on technological prowess by improving core technologies, increase the competitive capacities, and invest in new technologies that wil be basis for the future. We will continue to increase our value through our management focused in worth, responsibility, and transparency, and will strive to become a company beloved by our clients.

Thank you

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