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Manufacturing production line for high accuracy semiconductor, LCD and OLED

Metal Mask producing Line

Etching 1 line

Etching 2 line

Sheet Separator

Reverse Unit

Metal Mask Core Technology

LRP- Coating & dryer Technology
Uniformly apply Photoresist to double width sheet
Contains moisture evenly on surface in drying period
Photo Mask & Metal Mask Design Technology
Metal Mask regulating the location and amount of corrosion
Hyperbaric Corrosive Solution (>49 Baume) management Technology
Automation and control system
Ultra Thin gauge metal sheet handling & Management technology
Ultra Thin gauge metal sheet (20 μm *600mm) handling & preventing deforming and creases
Qualification for operating Technique by the process
Hold Metal Mask manufacturing software / hardware
PWell trained of managing & operating by each processes
Development of advanced & high technology 500 ppi class product
Established partnership with Wekeuder in Germany for high quality resin
Automatic Packing system

System Overview

This machine is installed POUCH CELL in Tray so optimized mass production line

Automatic scan system
• This equipment for inserting Loaded tray (20 bundles) to main machine :
   Maximum 120 bundles
• Splitting to single tray for checking non conforming
• Scanning a marking code and eliminating non conforming trays
Shrink Packing Machine
• Wrap with PE Film per 1 tray(20bundle)
• Apply heat to a sealed tray for shrink packing
Automatic Case Former/Case Erector
• Loading case magazines
• A bottom flap folder with tape head
CS center:
162, Saeteo-gil, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
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